Different Types of Pergolas to Enhance Your Property

If you are looking for a way to enhance your landscaping, pergolas are a great addition that can truly add the beauty you are looking for. Basically pergolas are especially made framed structures that are made of wood, aluminum, or even vinyl. They usually are built over a walkway, over a patio, or they are built for training plans how to grow as well. They are used for shady spots of relaxation or even as passageways and they can definitely spice up the landscaping on your property. So, let’s take a look at the different types of pergolas you have to choose from in order to make your property look great.


Garden or Backyard Pergolas
The first type of pergola that you may want to consider is a garden or backyard pergola. This type of pergola is designed for a nice garden or for a backyard space. It is great for dividing off the patio from the rest of the yard and you can have it constructed over a patio that already exists or even over a sitting area that you have set up. Not only are these pergolas used to shade patios, but they are also used in gardens as well, providing beautiful places for people to sit and enjoy a garden.


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