Do you need marketing for your business?

Marketing is a process, not an event. Marketing ends when you close your doors for the last time.  Remember that every bit of contact your company has with anyone in the outside world is part of your marketing mix. Your ideas, service, attitude and passion are all pieces of your marketing mix.

Marketing is the art of getting people to change their minds and do business with YOU instead of your competitors.  Are you ready to make BIG profits from your small business?  Marketing allows you to harness the power and reach that your business needs to connect with your target market.

Marketing includes the name of your business, your products and/or services, product packaging, advertise on shopping carts, public relations, voice mail message, email signature, problem solving, location, website, sales presentation, business card, logo, growth plan, referral plan, service, attitude, passion, etc.

The idea of building something before it has been fully defined, designed and planned would be considered negligent in many other industries, yet it happens all the time in the marketing field.  With the sheer amount of ways to market your business today, creating a marketing plan is an absolute must if you want to expand YOUR profits. The SIZE of your profits are the only numbers that tell you the truth about Marketing ROI.


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