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The Martial Arts Center was established to promote and preserve the traditional Korean Martial arts of TANG SOO DO and HAI DONG GUM DO, and to share the benefits of these fine arts with those who want to improve their quality of life. Under the capable leadership of Master Instructor Steven Wallenda, the Martial Arts Center provides martial arts that continue to keep pace with the times and benefit all who come to study with us. “I believe the ability to defend oneself is a personal right and the martial arts to be a priceless treasure in securing that right!”

Men & Women 

We realize how important it is to look and feel great. This is why the Martial Arts Center puts fitness on top of the list. We won’t promise to turn everyone into an Olympic athlete (that’s unrealistic!) But we will train everyone to their fullest potential, regardless of age or lack of experience. You will learn to be in your best possible shape! Not only do we believe everyone has to be in top physical shape to look and do their best everyday life, but with crime on the rise and violent assaults on females up, it pays for everyone to have first hand self-defense knowledge. Our programs specialize in self-defense so you can learn the basics quickly and easily. We will teach you how-to overcome grabs, punches, kicks and even weapon attacks.


Martial Arts offers a whole range of benefits to aid in your child’s learning process. Apart from the increase in motor skills such as coordination, balance and agility; our programs offer a number of far reaching mental benefits. Rest assured, at our school CHARACTER MATTERS! Through the  Martial Arts method your child will also learn self-control, self-respect, concentration, self-confidence and MANNERS. You’ll agree that these skills go a long way in helping your child excel at home, in school and in life!

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