Offering advertising for car wrap business

An advertising car wrap allows a business to turn their car into a moving billboard. Whether the vehicle is moving or stationary car wrap advertising is constantly working for you. When moving with traffic a car wrap has the advantage over a billboard of more prolonged exposure times to individuals. When parked a good eye catching wrap attracts the attention of both surrounding pedestrians and passing cars. Its estimated the average advertising car wrap gets over 750,000 impressions per month, making car wraps the cheapest form of outdoor advertising in terms of CPM (cost per thousand). As a result the car wrap industry is currently experiencing rapid growth.

A car wrap is a vinyl adhesive material which is able to be printed in full colour and at high resolution for photo quality images and graphics. The result is a colorful and stunning advertising medium.

You can get full car wraps, half wraps and partial wraps for all types of vehicles. Car wraps can be easily removed, won’t damage your car, and in fact protect it against UV, chemical and other damage. Avertising Car Wraps Greenville, SC will look good for 5-10 years and can be polished to remove scuffs and dirt.

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