Quality Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring Installation

Inlays – Designs and Motifs with an Individual Touch

Inlays and borders are used to incorporate designs into hardwood floor surfaces, such as personal designs or geometric patterns. These are created by combining different types of wood e.g. maple, cherry, ash to highlight variations in color and grain. Inlays and borders can also be made by combining hardwood with other materials, such as aluminum, brass and ceramic tiles.


Common designs of inlays include:

  • Borders – the outer edge of the floor is surrounded by stone or brass, adding definition to a room. Medallions – inlaid designs providing focus in a room
  • Aging – stone combined with distressed wood or pickling, recreating the look of old European floors. Marquetry – in-laying shaped wood forms, metals or ivory into wood to create unique designs.

But for whatever reason, we install all of floors based on individual needs. We offer many styles of flooring – straight boards, parquet, medallion – which come in different sizes, widths and thicknesses. However, before you choose your wood flooring, you will need to take into account what kind of sub-floor you have.

In fact, what type of sub-floor you have will determine what kind of finish you can choose. Installations and how to choose them.

It is reasonably quick to lay and relatively inexpensive. Glue-down – this technique is used primarily with Parquet Engineered Wood Flooring. It can be quieter to walk on than a staple down installation, with less creaking when the floors expands and contracts.

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