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Search engines are powerful lead-generation, sales, and branding tools. Never before has there been a medium in which the targeted consumer finds you so easily.  Is your law firm marketing itself correctly to the search engine users in your practice area? Is your website optimized to deliver search results in a manner in which your prospective clients would seek them?

In the world of search engine queries for law firms, there are, for all intents and purposes, two classes of attorney sites:  those listed on the first two pages of search engine results and those not listed on the first two pages of search engine results but who spent a lot of money on a very beautiful site that nobody will ever see. Statistically, 75% of consumers never look past that second page of search results and roughly 30% never look past the first page. A well-executed search engine campaign can turn “no business” into “big business”. Or it can be employed as a necessary tool to maintain the traffic to your business as your competitors employ their own strategies for those coveted “scoreboard rankings”.

Attorney Optimization offers the following Search Engine Optimization (SEO) services:

* We will optimize your law firm’s site for your practice area(s) and its respective keywords.
* We will review your website’s code and scripts for obstructions and validation.
* Page Title, Header, and Meta Tag optimization.
* Navigational optimization and PageRank distribution.
* SEO Copywriting and Copy-editing to optimize your content for search engine algorithms and visitor usability.
* Link Popularity building within relevant verticals, current inbound link analysis, and optimization all other off-page factors.
* On-page optimization of images and any Flash files (strictly Flash-built sites will cost more due to most search engines’ inability to read them).
* Site Map optimization to ensure proper spidering of your site and nodal distribution of PageRank.
* Submission to all relevant industry directories and major search engine directories.
* Placement in Local Search for Google and Yahoo.

Resource: SEO For Lawyers | SagaPixel

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