Small Window Air Conditioner

When it’s a sweltering day you want your room to be nice and cool. A small window air conditioner will keep an individual environment comfortable. And if the cost to cool the entire house is too much, or you don’t want to, you can get window air conditioning units to suit you perfectly. Thankfully, for people who have to buy air conditioners, the prices are actually affordable on a variety of air conditioner brands and sizes. And the AC units tend to be more energy efficient and simple to use.

A small room window air conditioner is halfway position between a portable air conditioner and a central air conditioning unit. They come in various BTU capacities and sizes and tend to be the most economical of the AC units.

A compact window air conditioner can range in BTUs from 5200 to 12000. A 5200 BTU AC unit can cool up to 165 square feet and a 12000 BTU unit is great for rooms up to 640 square feet.  They come equipped with remote controls, electronic controls on the unit itself for energy savings, timers, and a sleep mode.  A compact window air conditioner work wonderfully in a bedroom, walk in closets, or a nursery.

BTU is the abbreviation for British Thermal Units per hour and it’s used to rate the sum of cooling capacity the air conditioner emits. And in case you  simply can’t get the proper range of BTUs cooling capacity for your room, select an AC unit which has slightly less BTUs rather than more due to the fact you don’t want to have a unit which is as well powerful for your area that needs being cooled.



Prior to buying a small window air conditioner, give some thought to how big the space is, and the amount of BTUs that you will need along with air conditioner sizing. You can get a small window air conditioner with sufficient BTUs to cool a good sized room.

The amount of room window air conditioning units available for purchase is big and can be puzzling. Receive feedback and tips from friends and family. Check out a big box store and look at the units, study on the internet to compare models in addition to costs.

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